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Fouad abu hijleh

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC
Major: Chemistry

Although my primary passions lie in the fields of chemistry and medicine, I oftentimes find that I'm incomplete without artistic expression. I translate my hopes, dreams, and fears into a visual language that can be shared with everyone. One day I want to move back to Jordan and set aside some time to provide medical care to refugees and other disadvantaged groups.

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mariam alsadek

Northeastern University - Boston, MA
Major: Graphic Design

I have always had an artistic side to my character, and I found that I would constantly be drawn to Arabic calligraphy and Arabic-inspired artwork. It created a sense of connection to my background and self-identity that it became almost impossible for me to create an art piece without any Arabic influence. I hope to increase this cultural style in not only the Middle East, but in various countries as well.



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