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Payment Details


The customer must pay the designer the corresponding price after the customization is complete. This payment process will go through the Venmo App or in person to one of the designer's who will provide you with their information.

Requesting a customization from Kan.Supply means that the customer agrees to pay for shipping to and from the designer, as well as the service.

Refer to the Services page to learn more details about the price range based on our different customizing services. 

Shipping Details 

Kan.Supply currently has two working designers based in Boston and North Carolina. As part of the customization process, the customer must ship to one of the designers the piece they want to be customized. Once the design is complete, the designer will then ship it to the customer's address. 

We do not supply the garment in which you want to be customized. If you want us to do so, let us know when placing your order. The price of the garment will be added to the total service price.

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